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  • 03 Dec 14

“Are  varicose and spider vein treatments in the winter a good idea ?” is a question we are often asked at the Shulman Vein and Laser Center.

While there is no ‘season of vein therapy’ per se, it makes sense to start treatment early as it takes time for treated veins to heal and disappear.

Many of our current patients know that the most common, and always temporary, side effect of vein injection therapy is very minor bruising around the treated areas in the leg. While most patients experience little to none of it, it can occur so treatment in times of the year when the legs are not exposed, winter vs. summer, is logical.

In terms of this temporary discoloration, should it occur, it is not uniform. The areas in the legs where we see it most, is in the upper inner thighs, if veins there are treated. The skin is not as tight as elsewhere in the leg and while most patients do not get black and blue, we prefer to warn our patients it may occur. Treatment of the veins in the hands and arms almost never bruise,  while treatment of chest and breast veins are more likely to but again its always temporary should it occur.

Patients undergoing the EVLT, endo venous laser treatment for varicose veins or ambulatory phlebotomy, micro surgery for vein removal, are more prone to bruising or hematomas. In the laser vein therapy it is due to the use of local anesthesia injected around the veins to be lasered.  Some patients get none and some can get easily visible darking from the blood but again it is always temporary. Patients treated by sclerotherapy (injection therapy) are the ones least likely to bruise.

About Lee Shulman MD

Dr. Lee G. Shulman M.D. was one of the very first physicians to be invited to take the board certification exam in Phlebology (the medical specialty devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of venous disorders), and even has the board certification certificate number #00045.

He was also done original work, being the first physician to ever lecture on the treatment of hand veins for cosmetic improvement, and the treatment of patients taking the blood thinner Coumadin. Dr. Shulman has been a member of the American College of Phlebology, the North American Society of Phlebology, the American Registry For Diagnostic Medical Sonography, the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, the American College of Angiology, the American Medical Association, and the New York State Medical Society.

Dr. Shulman has volunteered and gone to Mexico as a medical missionary with the Hackett Hemwall Foundation treating varicose veins and ulcerations in an indigent patient population on the outskirts of Guadalajara Mexico.

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