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    At the Shulman Vein and Laser Center we are internationally recognized for the work we have done in the treatment of hand veins. We have lectured and presented our hand vein therapy results at the largest vein specialist, plastic surgery, vascular surgery, as well as dermatology meetings in America.

    Hand Vein Removal & Varicose Vein Surgery

    Hand vein injection treatment, which is one of our Varicose Vein Surgery procedures, is one of the most popular procedures we perform. It is done using only FDA approved medications and the smallest needles manufactured. The results in many cases are very rapid and while we can't promise no bruising at all, it is very very rare and short term if it occurs.All enlarged hand veins are treated in our offices by one of the Dr. Shulman’s personally, without the need for any anesthesia. You would be awake and talking to us during the hand vein injection treatments and all patients are treated on an outpatient basis. After treatment you will wear small cotton pads and surgical tape for a few hours but otherwise resume normal activity. The cotton and tape are easily removed by you later in the day and the staff of the Shulman Vein And Laser Center or Dr. Shulman himself will call you as a courtesy follow up either that day or the next. Many of our own nurses have had their veiny hands treated and are available to show you their results.Click here to view some of our Hand Vein treatment & Varicose Vein Surgery before and after photos

    Is Hand Vein Injection Therapy Safe?

    The safety of hand vein treatment is a very common question, and in a nutshell yes, it's extremely safe. In further detail, treatment for the removal of enlarged hand veins is safe because:
    • • In all hand vein patients at least one large vein, generally the cephalic vein, running from your thumb towards your elbow is left untreated. This is done to insure a readily available vein in the event of an emergency
    • • We only use FDA approved medications, all of which have been used for decades, and are only approved for vein therapy
    • • The medicines will not interact with or interfere with any medicine you may already be taking
    • • We have literally decades of experience and have treated thousands and thousands of veiny hands
    • • As in the legs, there are many more veins than are actually necessary to help blood return to the heart
    • • We have never ever had an infection or significant complication. Bruising, while only very rarely encountered and short lived if it occurs, is possible but again is very rare
    • • The smallest needles manufactured are used in all treatments, and are single use and disposable
    We see many out of town and out of the country patients for hand vein removal and you would be able to fly home immediately after treatment. More information for out of towners is available here.For more details about hand vein and arm vein treatment please visit our main hand vein removal site,

    Arm Vein Treatment

    While we perform treatment to eliminate enlarged arm veins we always do it in conjunction with hand vein therapy. As noted above we will always leave at least one easily visible vein untreated so in the event of an emergency an IV can rapidly be setup.As with hand veins, there is rarely bruising or discomfort after or during the injections.A more detailed discussion of hand vein treatments is available on our website,

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