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Vein Specialists For The Removal Of All Large Varicose Veins As Well As Smaller Spider Veins

Using lasers, micro-surgery and injections to remove both varicose and spider veins

More Then Five Decades Devoted To Vein Disease And Leg Vein Treatments

All work is done in our offices by the doctors themselves

Time Proven, Successful, And Easy Vein Treatment Methods To Look And Feel Better

All We Do Is Veins ™

Shulman Vein And Laser Centers

The Shulman Vein and Laser Centers, are vein-only medical facilities in both Long Island and Manhattan New York. We are among the oldest centers devoted exclusively to vein therapy. With locations in Manhattan, in New York City, and in both Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island, we are committed 100 per cent to only the treatment of vein disease.

Whether you are seeking treatment for unsightly spider veins or worsening varicose veins, we can help make you feel better, more confident, and attain beautiful legs again. The physicians at the Shulman Vein and Laser Centers are among the very first doctors to be board certified in Vascular Surgery and be a Diploma of the American Board of Phlebology and Lymphatic Medicine (the society devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of venous conditions). Our Vein Centers specialize in nothing except the completely surgical-free removal of all leg veins irrespective of their size or length. All work is performed in our offices by the doctors, and all on an outpatient basis. As a convenience, we have evening appointments in our Manhattan and both our Nassau and Suffolk offices.

Certain patients are seeking vein treatment for the relief of leg symptoms or others merely for better-looking legs. For people suffering from leg symptoms, including throbbing, crampy pains in bed at night, swelling, tiredness and/or aches, vein treatment can very often provide great relief if the veins are engorged and causing the symptoms. Other individuals who simply desire better-looking legs can benefit from microsurgery, laser and injection treatments or a combination of them.

Shulman Vein Centers Offer Effective Vein Treatment

By using only non-surgical and thus non-scarring methods such as laser treatments, pain-free injection therapy, and micro-surgery, the Shulman Vein and Laser Centers vein experts are able to treat the appearance of veins on the legs, face, hands, temples as well as other areas of the body with remarkably minimally invasive outpatient procedures. The procedures are so minimal that all Shulman Vein And Laser Center patients are encouraged to resume the activities of daily living including the ability to drive yourself home right after treatment.

Both physicians at the vein treatment centers are medical professionals committed fully to outstanding patient service. Having a combined total of more then five decades of proficiency, both Doctors M.L. Shulman and L.G. Shulman are among the first board certified vascular surgeons in America and Diplomat in Venous Medicine. You can phone any of our offices today to arrange your consult and examination and to more fully see what makes the Shulman Vein and Laser Centers of both Long Island and NYC, the leading vein treatment medical center it is today.